Leuta USA Tasting Tour 2017

Hallo everybody, time has arrived for me to start my new USA tour. I will be traveling for the next 3 moths trough USA in order to visit some friends as well as marketing my products. 2016 experience was really great. I had the chance to visit 26 States and to make many new friends as well as customer. I had my best memories in many different places, here are my thought just to mention few.


I visited NY in many occasions but every time there is so much new to discover that I feel almost overwhelmed by the city.  Besides the famous 5th Ave, Madison, Columbus Circle and so on there are incredible hidden places that are really great. I am not personally very keen on the big tall building, a part may be the super famous Empire State building. Of course I aknowledge the mighty power that they reflect but at the same time I get back a feeling of demise, it is probably just too much for me. It is even complicated to see the sky, to understand the weather even...... I prefer much more areas like Chelsea, or Hells Kitchen, Meatpacking, districts where there is still room for people, room for something different that just the "business". Places where you can actually meet real New Yorkers and not just a bunch of tourist or heavily stressed business men. I just like to wonder around on those area and discover restaurants, shops, amenities that fulfil my greed of knowing more, I just cannot stop searching and experimenting. 


Last March it was my first time in that area. I was lucky enough to be there with a very close friend of mine, she took me around many places and to be honest I can say that I kinda like Colorado. Among the many places that enticed me, Garden of The Gods was by far the most important. Many of you know how close I am to Native American and in the Garden of The Gods I felt part of them, I could sense their presence, their spirit, their beliefs. It was like going back in time as my mind was wondering on how was life back then and how could have been that place now if it was still part of that ancient culture.

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