Who we are

Welcome to Leuta,

When I decided to change the direction of my life in 1998, my first thought was how I could bring my grandfather’s heritage back to life. His memory, his teachings and his example still drive my decisions today, even after more than 30 years since his passing. My goal is to try to merge tradition and innovation, to combine the respect for nature with modern technology in order to craft a wine that represents a perfect combination of eurythmy and symmetry. Balance and harmony are what I believe to be the key elements to pleasure; the only triggers that can change our beliefs, our perceptions and our emotions, giving a perfect sense to our lives. It is by having such ideas in my mind that I go every day to my vineyard and to my cellar. I would like that my wines impart the peculiarity and beauty of the terroir as well as my modern, even thoughful respect for nature, and wine making philosophy.

Denis Zeni, owner & winemaker

Azienda Agricola Leuta was founded in 2000 by Denis Zeni and Enzo Berlanda.

Long-time business partners and school friends from the Lagarina valley in Trentino, the two young men, recognizing both the powerful attraction of nature and the perverse fascination of the city, decided to make a radical change and leave their respective jobs in the world of finance for the challenge of agriculture.

For too long, they realized, they had been dreaming and desiring a different life; their fathers had cultivated tobacco and grapes in the Trentino area and they wanted to live the same way.

Unfortunately, what remained of the past family holdings were only two hectares of vineyard in Isera, where the Marzemino reigns supreme. So the men decided to focus their efforts in Tuscany.

In 2000, they purchased 21,5 hectares (approximately 60 acres) of land in Tuscany near Cortona, not far from Lake Trasimeno and Montepulciano. This land is now the Leuta Estate. Positioned at 310 meters above sea-level, the land is perfect for grape-growing, as soil studies clearly indicate.

The "Tuscany Project," as the two men called this initiative at the beginning, was incorporated in 2004 as Lagarini s.s. di Zeni Denis & C. s.s. and the first small-scale vintage for the Vin Santo Leuta was crafted. During the same year a small property was bought in Trentino together with their friend Giulio De Vescovi, owner of the Azienda Agricola De Vescovi-Ulzbach.